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A Fully-Integrated Shopping Experience

Transform your online sales capabilities, simplify customer acquisition and deliver personalized, differentiated experiences.

Flexible Cloud Platform

Scale rapidly with a turnkey sales platform that is user-friendly, reliable, and integrates with the back-office tools you need.

Configurable Sales Experiences

Deliver personalized sales experiences so customers can shop their way. Enable localized offers, promotions, and messaging.

Advanced Data & analytics

Grow confidently utilizing real-time dashboards that enable full visibility into your broadband sales and marketing performance.

Sell to everyone, everywhere

Omnichannel features unify sales journeys, ensuring the right experience and the right message are delivered at the right time.

Level the playing field with one platform

The days of only the largest operators having the most robust capabilities are over. Designed for broadband providers, Atlas CORE comes with innovative capabilities to drive sales acceleration and simplify customer acquisition.

CORE Address Serviceability

Integrated Address Matching & serviceability 

Sophisticated algorithms allow for real-time market-based address matching. Keep serviceability data synchronized across GIS mapping and serviceability databases.

CORE CX Engine and Catalog

Dynamic Sales Experiences

Personalize sales experiences based on market, underlying service technology (Fiber, Cable, Fixed Wireless), campaign tagging, competitor data and more.

CORE Data Mart

Full-Funnel Business Intelligence

Track conversion, behaviors, MRR trends and more. Sell smarter with multivariate testing, cart abandonment retargeting, benchmarking, and machine learning models.

Integrates With The Tools You Need

Over 40+ integrations to streamline account creation, order status, automated order flows, retargeting, and more.

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What You can Do with
Atlas CORE

Build Personalized Sales Experiences

Deliver differentiated sales experiences with the CORE CX Engine to optimize engagement and drive improved conversion throughout all phases of growth.

Configurable rules-based sales experiences
Localized offers, experiences, and promotions
Lead capture, preordering, and return to cart features
Marketing and sales journey continuity

Leverage Better data, for better results

Reveal more opportunities to optimize offers, experiences, and processes.  Continuous improvement is at your fingertips with the CORE Data Mart and advanced features including abandoned cart tracking, multivariate testing, benchmarking, and machine learning models.  

Robust sales and marketing dashboards
Market-level performance insights
Omnichannel reporting with agent KPIs
Custom views and data exports

Sell to everyone, everywhere

Leverage CORE to drive subscriber growth across all sales channels. Attribution features enable dynamic sales experiences, reporting, sales agent tracking and more.

Field Sales & Door-to-Door
Inbound & Outbound Sales
Retail & Kiosk

Why Atlas CORE is better

Immediate & Unparalleled performance

Leverage best practices, innovative features, and an expert team of industry veterans to drive immediate results. With operators under pressure to grow sales, Atlas CORE is the one solution to bring sales capabilities and insights together to enable the quickest, most cost-effective way to drive customer acquisition.

Lead with exceptional sales experiences

The customer journey starts with sales.  Leading with personalized, highly engaging shopping experiences acts as a halo effect for more satisfied customers. Performance insights, data orchestration, and a robust nimble platform makes it easy to continuously improve and deliver great customer experiences.

Focus on growth while We Optimize performance

Eliminate the friction and cost of managing and operating multiple platforms to deliver sales success. Simplify your tech stack and drive growth with one platform with the connective tissue to drive sales performance across all your sales channels.

"With Atlas CORE, not only is it easy for customers to sign up for Vexus services, but their expertise makes it easy for us to leverage the full potential of this critical channel."

Jim Gleason

President and CEO, Vexus Fiber

"Ezee Fiber is committed to providing the fastest, most reliable internet connections backed by a team that prioritizes putting customers first. The Atlas CORE platform gives us full visibility into our customer’s purchase journey and plays a critical role as we continue to drive record customer growth."

Matt Marino

CEO, Ezee Fiber

"All West intends to accelerate our growth in key areas by expanding multi-gig fiber optic internet, streaming TV service and digital phone solutions. We need a strong partner to give us a digital commerce backbone to deliver great sales experience for our customers. Atlas Digital Group is helping us capitalize on our buildout investment and take our growth to an entirely new level."

Matt Weller

President, All West Communications

"CORE is a nimble and effective platform that enables full data transparency throughout the sales journey.  With the performance insights from the Atlas team, we have a partner to help us innovate and deliver a phenomenal customer experience."

John Meyer

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Gateway Fiber

"We are thrilled to have a partner that not only understands our business, but has a premier solution delivering the capabilities needed to drive sales performance and customer experience. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences and Atlas CORE will ensure we deliver outstanding service throughout the sales journey."

Lynn Hall

Chief Marketing Officer, Highline

"We are driving more sales though digital commerce, experiencing month-over-month growth, and have seen record sales since we launched Atlas CORE."

Taylor Nipper

VP of Sales & Marketing, Point Broadband

"We are thrilled to be using Atlas Digital Group’s CORE platform.  The platform’s capability to support all variations of products and business rules in our market areas, and to do so with a refined customer experience that only took a few weeks to launch, is a game changer for us."

Elaine Partridge

VP of Special Projects, Vexus Fiber

"The Atlas CORE team is so easy to work with. They have made the process a breeze and we are thrilled with the outcome!"

Linda Richardson

Vice President Marketing, Blue Stream Fiber

"Atlas Digital Group is helping Nuvera scale up our strategic digital presence ensuring a seamless customer experience and focus on business objectives supporting the largest-ever expansion of Nuvera’s high-speed fiber internet service. Nuvera selected Atlas Digital Group to be our partner because CORE offers a strategic technology platform that allows us to accelerate opportunity in this transformational moment for our customers and our company."

Jan Speer

Sr Director of Marketing, Nuvera

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