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Gateway Fiber Delivers On Its Mission with Atlas CORE

J. Schelstrate

J. is the CRO of Atlas Digital Group.
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How Gateway Fiber Built a Customer-Centric Digital Sales Channel

Gateway Fiber is on a mission to redefine customer expectations from an internet service provider. Along with providing superior fiber internet service, this means optimizing a great customer experience, forgoing complex promotional pricing and doing the basics well, like arriving to installs on time. With the help of Atlas Digital Group, Gateway Fiber is delivering on this mission by ensuring a great customer experience starts with their sales journey.

A streamlined and effective digital sales journey requires an orchestration of campaign tracking, serviceability mapping, offer cataloging, buyflow analytics, account creation and scheduling. All occurring behind the scenes in a timely and seamless manner to present a simple yet elegant customer experience while also delivering robust analytics and insights for continuous improvement. Gateway Fiber is achieving this with Atlas Digital Group’s CORE platform, a next-generation eCommerce solution purpose-built for the broadband industry.

Succeeding Through Continuous Learning

Gateway Fiber embraces a strong culture of leveraging insights to accelerate growth and optimize the customer experience. To keep their finger on the pulse of the business and respond to competitive pressures, they can leverage the robust set of analytics and insights from the Atlas team to uncover opportunities.

Pairing those insights with CORE’s nimble platform, Gateway Fiber can quickly move from concept to execution. In an increasingly competitive market landscape, the ability to test and implement a new offer in days versus weeks or months is critical to success.

For example, Gateway recently wanted to test a new offer. First, they provided the basic specifications of the offer to the Atlas team. Then, over 48 hours, the Atlas team created an offer construct in their catalog, developed a plan to display the offer to a randomized sample of customers and ensured all the tracking and measures were in place to evaluate success. In the following days, Atlas delivered conclusive results showing the offer tripled conversion rates over baseline pricing for that service tier. Within just one week, Atlas Digital Group took the offer strategy from concept to plan and execution across Gateway Fiber’s entire footprint.

Bottom line: CORE not only provides the insights needed to understand performance but also the ability to act upon them quickly.

Turning Lost Sales into Leads

Not all customers complete the sales journey; having customers abandon a buyflow is a reality in any ecommerce business. But those abandonments are not lost sales. They are qualified leads. It’s up to the operator to find out why the customer dropped out and convince them to sign up.

That’s what Gateway Fiber does with CORE.

Let’s say a customer abandons a shopping cart. Perhaps they dropped out because they could not decide on an installation date and wanted more time to think about their personal schedule, or perhaps they had second thoughts about paying for broadband service. By working with Atlas Digital Group, Gateway Fiber has found that the best way to find out why a customer dropped out is to contact them, have a conversation and work together on a solution.

CORE captures that “would-be” order and classifies it as an unscheduled lead.

The lead includes the customer information, the services they were interested in signing up for and the campaign that led them to the sales journey, making it easy for a sales agent to contact them and assist in completing the order.

Gateway Fiber is willing to turn over every stone to drive sales, and Atlas Digital Group is the right partner. Because the CORE order management system logs unscheduled leads, it is easy to identify opportunities to convert more sales.

Bottom line: CORE enables operators the opportunity to capture more digital sales.

Supporting Automated and Nonautomated Order Flows

With CORE, Gateway Fiber can support automated and nonautomated digital order flows. This means if there ever were an issue with a back-office system that prevents an automated order, CORE would still take that order and deliver it to their order management system.

Automated orders can fail for many reasons, such as a serviceability discrepancy between GIS mapping systems and billing records, an API timing out or something as simple as a customer moving to an address with active service. With CORE, Gateway Fiber preserves the customer sales experience, even when automation is unavailable. Instead of needlessly presenting a complicated experience or preventing the order form from being placed, a nonautomated flow running in parallel seamlessly ensures customer orders are taken without issue.

Bottom line: CORE protects and preserves the customer experience from complicated back-office issues.


Gateway Fiber’s customer-centric focus combined with CORE’s flexibility and robust insights has led to over 6% improvement in close rates, sales automation eclipsing 50% of order volume and unscheduled leads reaching 40% conversion rates, adding an incremental 15% to monthly sales volumes.

“Atlas Digital Group is a critical partner for us as we execute our mission,” Gateway Fiber Chief Marketing and Sales Officer John Meyer said.

“CORE is a nimble and effective platform that enables full data transparency throughout the sales journey. With the performance insights from the Atlas team, we have a partner to help us innovate and deliver a phenomenal customer experience.”

As the market for broadband service continues to become more competitive, having a back office built to support that environment is critical. Great digital sales performance starts with a great customer experience, and with CORE, operators have all the tools they need to succeed in this new market landscape…bottom line.