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Key features for the broadband shopping experience

Atlas CORE comes with the features providers need
to execute sales success.

Address Matching & Serviceability

Flexible options to ingest and manage serviceable addresses. Synchronize address status and leverage sophisticated matching algorithms across a variety of address match types, fully configurable by market.

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Offer Presentment & Cart Customization

Easily present localized offers and promotions with multiple options for broadband label compliance. Enable progressive upgrade and bolt-on options all with billing transparency.

Payments & Risk scoring

If your business requires payment, method of payment or risk scoring at point of sale, we have you covered. Atlas CORE can connect to a wide variety of payment gateway and risk scoring services.

Integrate with the tools you use everyday

We are proud to integrate with over 40 platforms, ensuring streamlined and scalable processes from the start.

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Installation scheduling

Use our configurable scheduling module or connect directly to workforce management applications to offer quota-based installation options.

Fallout Retargeting

Capture and measure abandoned carts, re-engage prospects through retargeting capabilities or integration with popular marketing automation platforms.

Better data. Unlimited possibilities.

Take the guesswork out of sales performance with the analytics, advanced features, and the best business intelligence team supporting your growth.

Monitor your entire sales journey

Standard and custom dashboards are available to track a broad range of insights spanning sales trends, serviceability rates, step conversions and more. Monitor product sales, MRR and advanced measures by market as well as sales channel are available. Connect 3rd party data sources for unlimited possibilities.

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gain visibility into campaign performance

Easily identify which campaigns and tactics drive the most serviceable traffic, how well they convert and their yield by market or product tier. Replicate winning strategies and optimize marketing spend.

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test new strategies & concepts with ease

Experiment with multiple variables and their interactions to see how they collectively impact engagement and conversion rates. Test new concepts or offers with the relevant data to make data-driven decisions.

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compare performance against your peers

Analyze performance, processes, or practices against the anonymous CORE ecosystem averages. Gather valuable insights into areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

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Get smarter with AI & machine learning

Use historical data to plan with precision via machine learning models for predictive analytics and anomaly detection from the CORE DataLab.

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Undergoing Fiber Expansion? We Have You Covered.

Maximize market expansion growth with the most dynamic sales capabilities for the industry. Lead capture, preordering, and data orchestration enable automated "return to cart" scheduling once a market is ready to schedule.

Avoid the pitfalls of disjointed processes and deliver customer experience continuity throughout all phases of network construction. Capture leads and preorders with customized sales flows and synchronize data across platforms. Easily deliver build status updates and orchestrate automated messaging to attract subscribers throughout each stage of construction.

Lead Capture
Return to cart conversion