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Point Broadband Learns Success Can Happen in Eight Weeks

J. Schelstrate

J. is the CRO of Atlas Digital Group.
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Don’t Let Back-Office Complexities Stand in the Way of Effective Digital Commerce

Point Broadband implements Atlas CORE to accelerate sales and improve customer experience within weeks. “Atlas Digital made it look easy.”

Digital-first customers need a digital-first commerce experience. Point Broadband has one, thanks to Atlas Digital Group – and it was completed in only eight weeks without disrupting operations during an explosive period of growth. As a result, Point Broadband is enjoying record sales and is positioned for additional success. Here’s how Point Broadband transformed their digital commerce strategy.

Point Broadband’s Business Challenge

Point Broadband was founded in 2017 with a focus on providing fixed wireless broadband solutions to consumers and businesses in smaller U.S. cities and rural areas.

Thanks to strategic acquisitions, Point Broadband by 2020 had become a powerful provider of both fixed wireless and fiber optic services across a broader geographic footprint. But the company lacked a digital platform to manage its expanded reach and broader portfolio of services.

Point Broadband’s customer acquisition process had consisted of inbound sales, field sales and a website with a service request form. But the company knew this approach was not going to scale to meet its growth objectives – and there were additional untapped opportunities to improve sales.

The Solution: Enter Atlas CORE

Point Broadband partnered with Atlas Digital Group to implement their Atlas CORE platform – a purpose-built, turnkey digital commerce solution designed by industry veterans for broadband operators.

Atlas CORE delivers a variety of advanced features that overcome the common pitfalls of digital commerce:

  • A Rules-Based CX Engine: Delivers a highly configurable and dynamic purchasing experience that works best for the customer, not dictated solely by what the billing systems need to place an order.
  • Intelligent Serviceability: Ensures fiber and fixed wireless customer serviceability remains synchronized and up to date with expansion efforts and that every customer who can get service is offered service.
  • Advanced Full-Funnel Analytics: Enables game-changing performance management and insights by providing complete data transparency throughout the customer digital purchasing process.
  • A Flexible and Scalable Platform: Allows for updates to be made in hours to support promotional and competitive response strategies versus weeks or months.

Point Broadband said yes to CORE – and then asked Atlas Digital Group to hit the accelerator on implementation.

Atlas Digital Gets to Work

As Atlas Digital Group went to work, the team needed to address a potentially complicating factor: Point Broadband uses a customer relationship management (CRM) platform and five billing systems, the result of various mergers and acquisitions. Integrating a digital commerce platform with a complex back office could have been a difficult challenge, but CORE was designed to solve problems such as these and was seamlessly implemented on top of the existing infrastructure.

According to Point Broadband Vice President of Marketing Taylor Nipper:

“Having CORE sit on top of our infrastructure gave us a significant speed-to-market advantage. We could deploy digital commerce rapidly without worrying about billing integration…Atlas Digital made it look easy.”

As a result, within just eight weeks, Point Broadband possessed a high-performing digital commerce channel.

How CORE Delivers Value

CORE gives customers the kind of experience they don’t expect from broadband operators – a quick, personalized buyflow with clear offer presentment and communication. Thanks to CORE’s easy-to-use order management system, Point Broadband can manage the entire sign-up process online and use it across multiple channels.

The flexibility of CORE makes it possible for Point Broadband to test or launch new offers such as 24-hour flash sales and flexible upgrades with just a few hours’ notice. Advanced analytics provide performance insights into products, campaigns, markets and sales channels, allowing Point Broadband to quickly understand what is working well and what needs attention.

“The analytics are incredible,” Nipper said. “We operate in six different markets. With CORE, we can compare performance market-to-market and see trends. I can find out why a campaign worked well in Virginia but not Maryland. I can see how many orders are coming in from every market and where those orders came from – a Google or Facebook ad, a direct visit to our site and so forth.”

CORE also makes it possible for Point Broadband to understand every action throughout the sign-up process, including when and where a potential purchase gets abandoned. If a purchase does not convert, Point Broadband can figure out what might have caused the drop-off and contact those customers as part of CORE’s lead capture and retargeting capabilities.

CORE worked so well that Point Broadband’s direct sales team decided to use the platform for door-to-door sales. Armed with company-issued devices connected to CORE, agents can discuss different offers and record an order at the point of sale. CORE gives Point Broadband a complete picture of all sales and status by channel.

“We Have Set Record Sales”

The rapid and successful implementation happened for a number of reasons. One critical success factor: Atlas Digital Group’s industry expertise. “There was no learning curve with the plans and bundles we offer,” Nipper said. “They get it. I think of them as part of our team.”

Atlas Digital CEO and founder Mark Mihalevich added: “We offered a turnkey solution that lowers operating costs, grows revenue, improves customer satisfaction and optimizes package and pricing strategies. You can’t do all that in eight weeks without an understanding of how technology connects to the entire customer journey, and that comes from decades of experience in this industry.”

As a result, according to Nipper:

“We are driving more sales via digital commerce, and it is becoming one of our leading sales channels.”

And now Point Broadband is well positioned to add new services and markets with little effort.