Atlas Digital Group Introduces CORE Digital Commerce

J. Schelstrate

J. is the CRO of Atlas Digital Group.
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ST. LOUIS, MO. – With ecommerce increasingly becoming the shopping channel of choice for consumers, Atlas Digital Group has launched CORE – a powerful new managed service platform that provides proven ecommerce and digital marketing solutions for cable and fiber operators.

“CORE clears all the roadblocks for operators who are looking to accelerate the return on their investment in high-speed internet,” said Mark Mihalevich, CEO of Atlas Digital Group. “As more customers turn to the 24/7 convenience of online shopping, businesses of all types are embracing ecommerce to drive growth and reduce costs though they often lack the expertise, resources and time to build and maintain a modern ecommerce platform. CORE is the perfect platform in this online age and the only turnkey managed solution optimized for the cable and fiber industries.”

Developed by an Atlas team featuring top ecommerce experts and architects with decades of experience in the cable and fiber industries, CORE is a managed software platform that seamlessly plugs into an existing website without the need for costly and time-consuming technical integration or development work. Robust and highly scalable, CORE is designed to meet the specific needs of operators who may lack the expertise and financial resources to develop and deploy a high-performance ecommerce platform on their own.

Through CORE’s proprietary buyflow process, operators will see greater sales conversion rates, which have already been proven during the platform’s initial rollout earlier this year. Atlas’s data shows that using CORE’s process consistently converts web sessions to sales at 3X the rate of typical legacy solutions and other internally developed platforms. 

“One of CORE’s primary benefits is increased conversion without incremental marketing spend to drive website traffic. More sales, same spend. Operators gain added revenue because CORE’s closing and conversion rates are significantly better,” said Mihalevich.

“It is really about the user experience. Converting existing traffic and stopping customers from shopping with competitors.”

Among CORE’s features and benefits:

  • Fast implementation – be up and running in just weeks
  • End-to-end managed service
  • Ongoing testing 
  • Exclusive, cross-industry visibility and benchmarking 
  • Dashboard reporting for continued buyflow optimization
  • Industry-leading address matching
  • Seamless brand integration
  • Product catalog integration
  • Real-time order management and visibility
  • Back-end system integration (optional)  

Optimized with client metrics and benchmarked against category leaders, CORE’s advanced analytics and dashboards are divided into three categories: ecommerce conversion, sales operations and product performance. Within these dashboards, operators and their sales and marketing teams can better see the big picture, gain industry perspectives, set optimal packaging and pricing strategies, identify opportunities, analyze performance and make adjustments to underperforming products as needed.

“Our dashboards are really unique because we provide operators and their teams key benchmarks across the industry,” Mihalevich said. “Not only is CORE a managed service, the platform gives you visibility, insights and perspectives nobody else can provide. That’s a real competitive advantage.” 

According to a 2020 V12 report on retail marketing and consumer trends, 57% of all consumers prefer to shop online rather than in-store, with up to 50% of ecommerce customers forgoing other sales channels. Even before COVID-19, which accelerated structural changes for retailers, the move to ecommerce was trending upward. In data from one leading ecommerce data operator in the cable industry, the share of sales from ecommerce has steadily climbed from 35% in 2018 to 50% this year.

“Forward-thinking operators are pushing hard on ecommerce and see it as transformative,” said Mihalevich. “If you already have an ecommerce sales channel, let us do an audit. We can either confirm you are fully optimized or CORE can take you to that next level. If you don’t have a channel but are thinking about implementing one, CORE is the fastest and easiest way to unlock customer growth and lower costs of acquisition.” 

About Atlas Digital Group

Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Atlas Digital Group delivers fast, innovative and transformative ecommerce and digital marketing solutions and results for cable and fiber operators. The group’s signature CORE ecommerce platform and related services improve sales conversion rates, reduce costs, increase revenue and optimize return on investment. With decades of digital marketing and sales conversion experience within the cable and fiber industry, Atlas Digital Group will carry your online business forward.