Atlas CORE Reaches Milestone of 25,000 Orders

J. Schelstrate

J. is the CRO of Atlas Digital Group.
5 min. read

As Atlas CORE Reaches a Milestone of 25,000 Orders Worth Over $2.5M in Monthly Recurring Revenue, It’s a Good Time to Look Back at Some of the Insights We Have Learned  

As the broadband industry’s only turnkey, managed digital commerce platform, Atlas CORE is built for performance. The engine that drives the performance is our data and analytics, powering continuous improvement and sales growth.

#1 It’s All About the Internet

86% of orders were for internet-only offers, and those offers generated more than 2X more revenue per view than internet and TV offers.

#2 Gig Is King

1 Gig offers grew from 20% of orders in August 2020 to 28% in August 2021, becoming the most popular speed selected by shoppers.  

#3 Tiers Matter

1 Gig offers as a Tier 3 speed generated 34% more revenue per view than 1 Gig offers as a Tier 4 speed. 

#4 Mobile Still Rules

Mobile is the preferred device for ordering, representing 64% of sessions and 67% of total orders.

#5 Search Is How Consumers Are Finding Internet Service Providers

Organic search was the most widely used channel for ordering service, representing 45% of orders, but paid search converted at rate 2X higher than organic search.

#6 QR Codes Are Back from the Dead

Targeted direct mail campaigns using QR codes were some of the most successful campaigns, converting sessions 3X-4X the rate of other traffic sources.

#7 We’re Just Getting Started

The data and analytics captured by Atlas CORE provide unmatched visibility into campaign performance, product performance and customer behavior, but there is much more to come.

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